The international competition will take place on March 25th and 26th in the recently opened Tallinn School of Music and Ballet. The competition is aimed for young trumpeters from five different age groups. Both toddlers who have recently started their trumpet journey and already experienced young trumpeters up to age of 25 are welcome to compete. The jury of the competition includes internationally recognized soloists and pedagogues, from whom young people can also receive feedback after the end of the competition. The prizes include two valuable trompets provided by Stomvi (, instrument utilities provided by Pillimaailm ( and various cash prizes up to 700€. 

We thank our partners: U.S. Embassy in EstoniaStomvi, Pillimaailm, Rixwell Collection Savoy Boutique Hotel, Posh Boy Music, Tallinn School of Music and Ballet MUBA, Cultural Endownment of Estonia, Tallinn Cultural Office and Mia Mai Art. 




I age group

  1. prize: Albert Dederer
  2. prize: Gregory-Marcus Lensment and Elin Pirso
  3. prize: Uku Nurmetalo and Leonid Leo Shumeiko

II age group

  1. prize and Grand Prix: Hugo Blaat
  2. prize: Mattias Osman and Loore Metsoja
  3. prize: Nikita Sendev and Kaur-Artur Tummeleht

III age group

  1. prize: Triin Ustav
  2. prize (shared): Mathias Kruusmann and Alfred Vürst
  3. prize (shared): Joosep Kruusmann and Tõnu Markus rõõmussaar
  4. diploma: Nikon Vilyanskiy

IV age group

  1. prize (shared): Janis Denins and Kristers Ketverts
  2. prize: Mikhail Kirillov
  3. prize: Andres Piho

V age group

  1. prize and Grand Prix: Justas Drakšas
  2. prize: Povilas Stonkus
  3. prize: Bruno Ancans and Gediminas Skalandis




Age group I: 26th of March at 14:30

Age group II: 26th of March at 15:30

Age group III: 26th of March at 16:30

Age group IV: 26th of March at 18:00

Age group V: 25th of March at 11:00 1st round

                       26th of March at 10:00 2nd round


JURY 2023


  • Charlie Porter (USA)
  • Helena Sinisalo (Finland)
  • Adomas Kontautas (Lithuania)
  • Neeme Ots (Estonia)
  • Fabio Brum (Brasil/ Portugal)
  • Massimo Spiga (Italy)




is of free choice, in accordance with time limits indicated below:


Age groups I-IV


Age group I (9 years): 3-4 minutes    

Age group II (10-11 years): 5-7 minutes

Age group III (12-14 years): 8-10 minutes

Age group IV (15-17 years): 10-12 minutes


Age group V (18-25 yrs)


I round, 15-20 min.

II final round, 15-20 min. The program of the final round must be different from the one of first round.





  • Deadline: 15. March 2023
  • The jury has the right to stop the performance if it exceeds the indicated time limit.

  • The desicions of the jury are final and shall be announced at the grand concert hall of the Tallinn School. The results shall also be posted on the website shortly after they have been announced.

  • The organization is authorized to make photographs and audio/video recordings of the competition to document the competition and for publicity purposes. No claims for reimbursement for participants may arise from that.

  • The programme can not be changed after the application deadline.

  • In every age group, the performances shall be conducted in an alphabetic order.

  • Participation fee of 30€ (age groups I-IV) and 50€ (Age group V). 
  • Participation fee must be transferred on the following account by the 18th of March as the latest.
  • Account information:
    • IBAN: EE602200221018782924
    • Swedbank
    • Account owner: Aavo Otsa Muusikastuudio
    • Explantion: Trumpet Talents Tallinn 2023 and the name of the participant

Register for the competition!

Please upload a picture of yourself and the bank statement:

Soloists and professors on previous years:

Highlights of Trumpet Days’ recent history:

In 2009, the concerts of the brass quintet 5deBrass (Spain). The master course was conducted by Prof. Adan Delgado Illada (Madrid), the current solo trumpeter of the Spanish National Symphony Orchestra.

In 2010, the visiting professor was Steven Verhaert (Royal Conservatoire Artesis University College of Antwerp, Belgium).

The 2011 Trumpet Days took place in cooperation with the Youth Winds Fest, which took place within the framework of the European Capital of Culture 2011. The guest soloist was the internationally recognized trumpet virtuoso Ruben Sime Gijon (Spain).

In 2013, the visiting professors were Simo Rantanen, Adomas Kontautas, Adn Delgado Illada, Miroslav Petkov, Boris Taburetkin and Enrique Rioja.

In 2014, the guest soloists were Philipp Hutter (trumpet, Switzerland) and Frederic Belli (trombone, Germany).

In 2015, visiting professors were Enrique Rioja (Madrid), Pasi Pirinen (Helsinki), Adomas Kontautas (Vilnius) and Boris Taburetkin (St. Petersburg). Ernesto Chulia and Adan Delgado Illada performed as soloists.

In 2016, the visiting professors and jury members were Massimo Spiga (Cagliari), Adomas Kontautas (Vilnius) and Boris Taburetkin (St. Petersburg). Miroslav Petkov, Francisco Pacho Flores and Neeme Ots performed as soloists.

In 2017, visiting professors and jury members were Charlie Porter (USA), Mario Martos Nieto (Germany/Spain), Fabio Brum (Brazil), Massimo Spiga (Italy), Adomas Kontautas (Lithuania) and Boris Taburetkin (Russia).

In 2019, visiting professors and jury members were Charlie Porter (USA), Fabio Brum (Brazil), Massimo Spiga (Italy), Guang Zhu (China), Laurynas Lape (Lithuania) and Boris Taburetkin (Russia).

Partners and sponsors:

Organizer: the Aavo Ots Music Studio

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