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The Aavo Ots Music Studio was founded in 2002 with the goal of developing and deepening the performance skills of young interpreters as soloists and ensemble players and finding possibilities to broaden international cooperation.
The Music Studio of Aavo Ots organises soloist and ensemble education for young wind players and arranges concerts and brass music festivals. The Music Studio ( is a member of the Estonian Music Council and the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE). The Music Studio of Aavo Ots is also responsible for managing the work and concert activity of the Trumpet Ensemble of Aavo Ots, as well as of the Trumpet Class and the soloists. My Trumpet Class has, throughout the years, functioned as a harmonious group – our aim is to play well, make music together in various ensembles and organise joint music projects.



Conductor and trumpeter Aavo Ots was born in 1951 in South Estonian district Võru. He graduated from Tallinn Conservatory in 1976 as a choir conductor (Prof. G. Ernesaks) and a trumpeter (Prof. T. Tarum). 1983–1986 followed postgraduate studies at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory under the famous Russian trumpet professor Y. Bolshiyanov. A. Ots has complemented his skills of orchestra conducting under Peeter Lilje and at the master classes of Andreas Sporri in Switzerland (2005) and Gerald Markson in Ireland during the WASBE conference (2007).

In 1979, Aavo Ots won the 1st Prize at the national competition of wind instruments, 1975–1985 he worked as a trumpeter in the Symphony Orchestra of the Estonian National Opera. In 1985, he was approved to be a full time lecturer at the Tallinn Conservatory; from 1989 until present he has been an associate professor of the brass and woodwind department at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

In 2004 and 2009, Aavo Ots was a conductor of the 24th and 25th Song Festival in Tallinn. In 2006, he was the artistic director and the principal conductor of 15th Gaudeamus in Tartu (a song festival of Baltic students). In 2011, Aavo Ots was the general conductor of wind orchestras of the Estonian Youth Song Festival. He has been named the Orchestra Conductor of the Year by the Estonian Choral Association in 2004, 2006 and 2009.

The Order of the White Star (5th class) was awarded to Aavo Ots in 2014 by the President of the Republic of Estonia for promoting wind music and forming his trumpet school.


Meeli Ots was born on December 30, 1953, in Võru.


Meeli Ots studied at the Tallinn Music High School under Ruuta Taras and at the Tallinn Conservatory in the piano class of Laine Mets. For a shorter period, she was an organ student of Prof Hugo Lepnurm. Currently, she is an accompanist at the Tallinn Music High School and at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Meeli Ots has performed with numerous soloists, among them, Johann Gansch, Konradin Groth, Joukko Harjanne, Adán Delgado Illada, Charlie Porter, Miroslav Petkov, Ernesto Chuliá, Mario Martos Nieto (trumpet), Steven Mead (euphonium) Patrick Sheridan (tuba) etc. She has worked together with Estonian musicians, such as Neeme Birk (trompet), Andres Kontus (tromboon), Ivar Kiiv (tromboon), Jüri Leiten (trompet), Kalev Kuljus (oboe), Ivar Tillemann (trompet), Erki Möller (trompet), Martin Kuuskmann (fagott), Ingely Laiv (oboe), Signe Sõmer (klarnet), Toomas Vana (tromboon), Tanel Eiko Novikov (percussion) and many others.

Meeli has been awarded the best accompanist diploma at several national and international competitions. For the recording of the Radio Competition Concertino Praga with soloist Jaan Ots in 2004, she was awarded the special diploma for accompanist (Jaan Ots was awarded a diploma). In 2018, she was awarded special prize „ The best concertmaster“ at the 11th Mravinski International Competition for Youth in Saint Petersburg. In 2018 at the Estonian Competition for Wind Instruments in Tallinn, she was awarded special prize „ Best accompanist“.


Meeli has successfully performed with trumpet soloists and other wind instrument and percussionists at many international competitions:

Neeme Birk, 1st Prize –  Radio Competition Concertino Praga (1983, Prague)

Neeme Birk, 1st Prize– Inter-Republican Competition for Brass Players (1983, Daugavpils)

Neeme Birk, 3rd Prize – Competition for Brass Players of the Soviet Union (1984, Alma-Ata)

Ivar Tillenann, 1st Prize– Jurjānu Andrejs 2nd International Competition (2001, Riga)

Erki Möller, 2nd Prize –    Jurjānu Andrejs 2nd International Competition (2001, Riga)

Ivar Kiiv (trombone),  1st Prize – Jurjānu Andrejs 2nd International Competition (2001, Riga)

Aarne Ots, 1st Prize – Jurjānu Andrejs 3nd International Competition (2006, Riga)

Aarne Ots, Finalist Diploma – Yamaha European Competition (2009, Hamburg)

Neeme Ots, Grand Prix/Stomvi Prize – International competition „Trumpet Talents Tallinn 2013“

Märt Metsla, Grand Prix/Stomvi Prize – International competition „Trumpet Talents Tallinn 2017“

Mihkel Kallip, Prix/Stomvi Prize – International competition „Trumpet Talents Tallinn 2018“


Meeli Ots has been the piano accompanist at and one of the organisers of the International Festival and Competition „Trumpet Talents Tallinn“ since 1989.