The Estonian Youth Wind Ensemble

The Estonian Youth Wind Ensemble (Eesti Noorte Kontsertorkester) was established in 2013 by conductors/teachers Aavo Ots, Priit Sonn and Kaido Kivi. Aavo Ots serves as principal conductor of the EYWE; Priit Sonn as conductor; Jaan Ots as conductor; Kaido Kivi as conductor and manager and Neeme Ots as artistic advisor of the brass section.

The Estonian Youth Wind Ensemble is an ensemble of approximately 50 outstanding young wind, brass and percussion players ages 14–24 from throughout Estonia. The aim of the conductors is to create a richly sounding and complete symphonic wind orchestra, providing young musicians with opportunities to practice playing in an orchestra and to enhance their orchestral skills, preparing them for work in a symphony orchestra in the future.

We had the honor to perform at the WASBE Conference in Debrecen in 2014. The concert tour to Hungary remains one of the highlights in the history of our ensemble. We were happy for the chance to present Estonian music and Estonian interpretation of wind music at a major music forum. The most important performance of the ensemble in 2016 took place at the Estonia Concert Hall in the framework of the international festival and competition “Trumpet Talents Tallinn 2016”.

On July 8th, 2016 during the WASBE Conference, the Estonian Festival Youth Wind Ensemble performed at the Rudolfinum Dvořák Hall in Prague where René Eespere’s “Tubilustria” that was dedicated to the ensemble, was first performed. This event was followed by performances in Amsterdam on April 29th, 2017 at the Estonian music concert “Helivöö” and on January 6th, 2018 at the historic St John’s church in St. Petersburg. A concert dedicated to René Eespere’s music for wind instruments took place on March 4th, 2018 at the Estonia Concert Hall. Several of his works are dedicated to our ensemble.

The ensemble is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and the City of Tallinn, while administrative affairs are coordinated by the Association of Estonian Wind Orchestras and Ensembles, with the Estonian Wind Music Society as a cooperation partner.

René Eespere: Music for Symphonic Wind Orchestra [youtube]


Wind Ensemble of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Wind Ensemble of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Tallinn Conservatory/ Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, which celebrates its 100th birthday in 2019, has modeled most of its historic wind music traditions after the Saint Petersburg Conservatory. Thats where many leading figures of this genre come from, including the founders of the Tallinn Conservatory, Jaan Tamm, Julius Vaks and Raimund Kull.

The Wind Orchestra of Tallinn State Conservatory was brought to life in 1962 as an orchestra for the wind band conducting department students. It was conducted by Elmar Peäske, Helmut Orusaar and Vello Loogna. In 1984 the renewed collective continued as a study and concert orchestra under the guidance of Aavo Ots. The orchestra performed at the Estonia Concert Hall and recorded music at the Estonian Radio. The ensemble also worked with several guest conductors, including Trevor Ford (Norway), the founder of WASBE.

Under the baton of Aavo Ots, the Wind Ensemble of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre has participated at the Gaudeamus student song festivals – 1988 and 1999 in Vilnius, 2004 in Riga, 2006 in Tartu and 2011 once again in Vilnius.

In 2012, Aavo Ots shaped the orchestra into a wind ensemble in order to perform symphonic wind music. Performing René Eespere’s pieces at his author’s concert was an important milestone for the ensemble.

René Eespere: Music for Symphonic Wind Orchestra [youtube]



Musitseerimisrõõm / The Joy of Making Music. Aavo Ots 65 [youtube]










Brass Academy (founded by Aavo Ots in 1986) has evolved from the brass band of Tallinn Music High School (TMHS). During 25 years, the ensemble has seen several brass instrumentalists of the younger generation who now have their master certificates at hand. However, they continue to play together with the students of TMHS and Estonian Academy ofMusic and Theatre and so the band has established itselfin the curricula.
Alongside with instruction and recording processes, the Brass Academy also offers opportunities to get performing experience, both at home and abroad. On several occasions they have performed in Hamburg, St. Petersburg,Tampere and Lieksa Brass Weekin Finland.Their concerts have been conducted by Prof. Donald DeRoche (Chicago) and composer and conductorTrevor J. Ford (Oslo), founder and first president ofWASBE; master classes have been held by Prof. Viktor Sumerkin and Prof.Yuri Bolshijanov from Russia, as well Steven Verhaert from Belgium, Niels Ole Bo Johansen (Denmark), Janis Purins (Latvia), Marius Balčytis (Lithuania) and others.

Music from Five Centuries: TALLINN BRASS ACADEMY [youtube]



The Tallinn Music High School Symphonic Wind Orchestra has performed as a concert orchestra since 1980.The orchestra won the “1:a Hederspris” at the international competition for wind bands ofGöteborg Music Festival (1997), the “2. Rang in der Mittelstufe” at the 19. MusikantentreffOstsee, an international youth festival for symphony brass ensembles in Rostock(Germany) and Baltic Sea (2001), the “Stufe Gold” in Mór (Hungary, 2002) and the result “very good” in high-category at the International Music Union Mid Europe Schladming International Competition forYouth Wind Orchestras (Austria, 2005).The orchestra was named the Orchestra oftheYear 2006 by the Estonian Choral Society.The orchestra won Grand Prix at the Competition for Estonian Youth Wind Bands in 2007 and the First Prize in 2009.
In 2009, at the X Estonian Days in Münster, theTallinn Music High School Symphonic Wind Orchestra performed solo pieces as well as with several choirs and soloist Neeme Ots, under the batons ofAavo and Jaan Ots.
The orchestra was a part ofthe concert programme in 2011, when Tallinn was the European Capital ofCulture.Through the years, the orchestra has performed at many notable events in Tallinn, such as theTallinn Old Town Days and theTallinn Music High School concerts at the Estonia Concert Hall.
The core players of the orchestra are also a part of the Estonian Youth Wind Ensemble. Notable performances include XI ESTO in San Fransisco in 2013 and concerts at the WASBE (World Associaton for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles) conference in Debrecen (Hungary) in 2014 and at the Rudolfinum DvořákHall in Prague (Czech Republic) in 2016. The orchestra performed pieces by Estonian composers Harri Otsa, Priit Raik and Ülo Raudmäe and a medley of songs by Raimond Valgre and Uno Naissoo, arranged for the orchestra byTõnu Kõrvits.The world premiere ofRené Eespere’s “Tubilustria” was also a part ofthe programme. The evening marked the beginning ofthe concert series “Festive Sounds -The Republic ofEstonia 100” organized by Aavo Ots.This series focuses on pieces by Estonian composers to be performe by youth orchestras, ensembles and soloists. The SymphonicWind Orchestra and the Brass Ensemble form an important part of this festival. On October 23 in 2016, theTallinn Wind Symphony gave a concert at the Chamber Hall ofthe Estonian Academy ofMusic and Theatre, celebratring its 35th year as an orchestra.

Aavo Ots Music Studio [youtube]



The Trumpet Class has gained notable artistic capital through many international competitions and master classes: I have participated with my students in M. André’s courses in Zurich (2004, 2005), private classes and courses ofReinhold Friedrich in Karlsruhe (2007, 2011) and in Rostock(2008).
As an art director, I am responsible for the organisation ofthe annual International Trumpet Days, held since 1989. In each year the concert programme has also included performances by my students.
The students have been fortunate to receive master classes from such guestprofessors as Timofey Dokshitser (Moscow),Yuri Bolshijanov (St. Petersburg) and Johann Gansch (Salzburg), the former first trumpet and society member ofthe Vienna Philharmonic, whose coming was a great honour for the Estonian Academy ofMusic and Theatre. Kondradin Groth, a long-term first trumpet at Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (1974–1998) and internationally recognised soloist and Professor at the Berlin University ofArts, conducted a master course during the event in 2005. In 2013, the guest-professor ofthe master course organised during theTrumpet Days was Enrique Rioja from the Madrid Royal Conservatory.
The master courses oftheTrumpet Days have also been presented by internationally recognised musicians, such as Adomas Kontautas (Lithuania), Boris Taburetkin and Neeme Birk(St. Petersburg), Miroslav Petkov (Bulgaria, Germany), Philipp Hutter (Switzerland), Adán Delgado Illada (Spain), Pacho Flores (Venezuela, Spain), Ernesto Chulia (Spain), Charlie Porter (USA).The master classes by renowned lecturers have provided excellent motivation for my students.
From 2009, Adán Delgado Illada, first trumpet ofthe Spanish National Symphony Orchestra, serves as the mentor ofmyTrumpet Class.
The musicians in theTrumpet Ensemble ofAavo Ots Trumpet Class are the students ofthe Estonian Academy ofMusic and Theatre as well as the students oftheTallinn Music High School.
The repertoire ofthe ensemble ranges from early music to jazz and consists of pieces for trumpet, piccolo trumpet, and flugelhorn. An organ or a piano is used for accompaniment depending ofthe venue. Arrangements for a trumpet ensemble are also performed.
In 2013 theTrumpet Ensemble ofAavo Ots Trumpet Class was awarded 2nd Prize in the 3rd International Competition forWind Ensembles named after Nikolai RimskiKorsakov in St. Petersburg.

Aavo Ots Music Studio [youtube]