Trumpet Days


About festival

International Trumpet Days is a festival with a long history, which has been held for 36 years. Concerts, master classes and a competition take place within the framework of the festival.
World-renowned soloists, famous trumpet professors and well-known brass ensembles have performed as part of the Trumpet Days. In total, more than 50 artists from all over the world have visited the festival, incl. from Spain, China, America, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, etc.)
Trumpet Days concerts take place in Tallinn’s most prestigious concert halls and churches. World-renowned names such as Grammy winner Charlie Porter, Adan Delgado Illada, principal trumpeter of the Spanish National Orchestra, Judit Martin Gonzalez, one of the most talented female trumpeters, Xiang Guo, one of China’s most talented trumpeters, Brazilian trumpeter Fabio Brum and many others will perform on this year.
Thanks to maestro Aavo Otsa, Estonia is one of the most important trumpet-loving countries in the world. This year too, the world’s greatest artists and lecturers will come to Estonia to pass on their knowledge. A very important part of the festival has been the “Trumpet Talents” competition for many years. The participants are in different age groups, aged 5-35, and there are more than 50 participants from all over the world. Stomvi, Spain’s most famous brass instrument manufacturer, has also contributed to the competition, and has presented the main prizes of the competition. Thanks to master classes with the biggest players in their field, soloists, ensembles, and orchestras can take part in the exchange of connecting musical cultures!