The 25th International Competition

“Trumpet Talents Tallinn 2019”

on 6st–8st of April 2018 at the Chamber Hall of EAMT


 Many well known soloists and professors have been chairmen of the jury:

in 1989 in Pärnu: Young trumpet players competition with Yuri Bolshijanov (Russia) as chairman of the jury

 in 1996 with Trevor Ford (Norway) in 1997 with Yuri Bolshijanov (Russia) in 1998 with Yuri Bolshijanov (Russia)

in 1999 with Yuri Bolshijanov (Russia)

in 2000 with Neeme Birk (Estonia/Russia), the Young Trumpet Players Competition became the international competition “Trumpet Talents”

n 2001 with Niels-Ole Bo Johansen (Denmark)

in 2002 with Johann Gansch (Austria)

in 2003 with Viktor Sumerkin (Russia)

in 2004 with Aabi Ausmaa (Estonia

 in 2005 with Viktor Sumerkin (Russia)

 in 2006 with Erki Möller (Estonia)

 in 2007 with Bert Langeler (The Netherlands)

in 2008 with Boris Taburetkin (Russia)

in 2009 with Adán Delgado Illada (Spain)

in 2010 with Steven Verhaert (Belgium)

 in 2011 with Simo Rantanen (Finland)

in 2012 with Adán Delgado Illada (Spain)

 in 2013 with Enrique Rioja (Spain)

 in 2014 with Boris Taburetkin (Russia), Adán Delgado Illada (Spain)

 in 2015 with Enrique Rioja (Spain), Boris Taburetkin (Russia)

 in 2016 with Pacho Flores (Venezuela)

 in 2017 with Charlie Porter (USA)

in 2018 with Adomas Kontautas (Lithuania)